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Whose dream
is it anyways?

Let's pretend an urban farm & homestead like the one pictured above is what you desire.  Unlike most things in our world today, this is not a product and it cannot be bought.  Even if you did pay large sums of money for a team of landscapers and gardeners to make your backyard look just like this - what would you do with it?  How is it maintained?  Did it come with an instruction manual? 

Instead, what you see above is a tangible reflection of a particular mindset and its corresponding lifestyle.  

In reality, this relationship between mindset and lifestyle is always at work - whether we conscious of it or not.  Learning about permaculture is NOT simply learning about growing your own food or learning to live with "less", it is an opportunity for any individual who feels the current road they're on does not serve them in some way.  It is an invitation to write a new story or dream a new dream, in whatever form that may take. 

Stencil by British street artist Banksy



Let's start

We begin all of our permaculture partnerships the same way - a simple conversation exploring a few key questions: What is permaculture? Where are you now and where do you want to go? What is appropriate for your unique situation?


Permaculture 101


Our introductory offer is a 1-hour in-person consultation:

  • 15 minutes for a short presentation about permaculture - what it is, what it isn't, where the word came from, and how its principles can help create a new lense for you to see the world through.

  • 15 minutes to open a discussion - how did this compare to what you already knew about permaculture or sustainability? What concepts resonate with you? What concepts did not?

  • 30 minutes to walk your site together and continue our discussion - our goal during this time is to perform an honest assessment of both where you and your property are right now. This is NOT a question of how well you "keep it all together" or how thoroughly you may have dusted this week (no need to clean up on our behalf!). We are concerned only with helping you establish your unique starting point, and from there beginning to entertain where you would like to go in the future.


That's it!    --   No further commitment necessary.



Counter Entropy prefers to operate on the Value-For-Value Proposition: the hope that if you find value in the work we do, you will consider returning some of that value back to us.

After a Permaculture 101 consultation wraps up, we simply give you the opportunity to donate what you feel the experience was worth *within the context of your budget.  Anything from $0 - $100 is acceptable, with the range of $40 - $60 being suggested.