MAY 2017 - New South Wales, Australia

Nick is 21, lives on the eastern coast of Australia, and is a certified chef.  Learn how he converted an old removalist truck (a.k.a moving truck) into a mobile tiny house complete with a 6-burner gas range, full-size oven, and PV solar for on-the-road catering jobs.


AUG 2018 - Minneapolis, MN

Austin & Troy are both 29 and have been on the road for the last 2 years. Originally hailing from Chicago, these two best friends spent years saving and then building out their dream on wheels. Learn how they converted a 35ft-long 1999 transit bus into a handcrafted mobile home and workspace complete with PV solar, wood stove, DIY water filtration system, shower, composting toilet, and a custom DJ spin station for on-the-road gigs.